Lately I haven’t really done any real “update on what’s going on” blog. It’s just been small blogs with pictures, which I, by the way, also sometimes find pretty awesome.

Anyway, lately I’ve had so many assignments to do, all the time. We had almost none (1-3, maybe) in all March and April, but in May.. 11 assignments. Crazy. I managed to do most of them, and I still need to turn in 4. The last one is for June 4th, which by the way also is the day I’ll get off school.. Well, after that I have some exams too, but that’s not so bad. I’ll know which exams I’ll have to do, on Friday. Hopefully I won’t have to do Math exam! If I do, I failed already.

Also, did I tell you that our cat is pregnant? She’s set to give birth to her kittens on June 11th (which is also the date when my babybrother turns 2), and I’m really looking forward to it! It’s the first time we’ll have kittens, ever. I love kittens, they are so adorable! Can’t wait! I’ll of course blog about it when the time comes, so you can see the little babies.

Today I was off from school at 12:50, and when I came home I watched the season finale of 90210. Exciting! Besides that, I just slept a bit, and then I took care of my baby brother. Exhausted. Tomorrow I’m meeting in school at 10 and I’m off at 16:15. It’s a long day, and I don’t even know how to get home yet. That sucks.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with this for now. Gonna go watch America’s Got Talent. Mwuah!