Today, stepmom, my almost 2 year old little brother and I, spontaneously decided to go to Bilka to go shopping for.. SHOES. Yes, shoes. Well, mostly because my little brother needed new shoes, and they are kind of cheap in there and with good quality, so we drove for half an hour to get there. When we got there, we had so much fun. I love shopping with her, and my little brother is crazy. <3

Anyway, my stepmom ended up getting me these things, just because she’s such a sweetheart. It was so cheap!

Awesome wedges. Fell in love immediately! Looking for something like them for LONG TIME.
Only 27 €!

And, a very cute shirt. Also something I’ve been looking for, and I adore it!
Only 13 €!

Right now, I’m so exhausted. My legs hurt. I went directly from school at 16:15 to Bilka and I was home at about 19:30.. Phew! The weather was so amazing today (about 23 degrees in the sun), which got me into a very nice mood, after I burned my finger on the oven this morning. Bad start on the day!