I showed you how much snow we had at January 1st. Well, double that up now, ’cause we’ve got so much snow that most of the schools actually closed. Even my school closed, and it seems like I won’t be going tomorrow, because our driveway is FILLED with snow, and we can barely get out with out car, unless we have to get up in the middle of the night to shovel snow. It’s CRAZY right now! I went out with my mum and my stepdad earlier today, and we took some pictures of it. It was about 15 in the afternoon, I guess? And it just kept snowing, and it’s still snowing! It’s supposed to snow untill midday tomorrow, maybe LATER. At 19 o’clock we had 42 cm’s of snow, and it just keep snowing.

When I got inside, my hair was just dripping, because I had so much snow on me. As you can see on the picture, my hair hat gotten (almost) all white and so had my coat. It’s pretty crazy. It looks really beautiful, and I don’t really even mind staying home from school (LOL XD). I just wish it had been on Friday though, ’cause that’s the worst school day.. but whatever, I get to stay home from school! YAY! Better than going to school, right ;)?

What about you guys? How much snow have you got at your place, or have you had any during December and start of January? Do you like snow, or do you hate it?