Do you know these days, when everything just go wrong, and everything you touch is going to break, or something like that? I have lots of them. I think I was seriously born under an unlucky star. Wanna hear why?

First of all, last week, my laptop started acting weird. I tried to restart it, but it wouldn’t work. When it was supposed to show that “welcome” message, the screen just turned all black, and the mouse was the only thing being there. At the same day, my phone wouldn’t send long textmessages (and oh yeah, I got my phone fixed 6 weeks ago, and the camera doesn’t work anymore – AGAIN!). Both thing worked out well, one of my dads friends fixed the computer without getting all my stuff deleted on it, and it’s perfectly fine right now. Luckily. So is my phone. It’s working. I have a little luck, but not much. x_x

Second,  the other day when I had to open my math homework, it was all gone from the TI Interactive document I had written it in. So, bye bye the math me and my group worked with for an hour. It’s gone.

Third, I lent an USB thingy from the guy who fixed my computer, and he told me to save everything on it. I started doing that, and this weekend I used about 4 hours on 2 assignments – one english and one danish. I tried to open them today, in english class, because I had to fix something on the danish one, and POOOF, it was gone! All the letters had turned into 6 pages “ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ” and now I have to start all over with it all. I just did the english one in english class, but the danish one is worse.

All my bad luck actually started right after I went to Cologne the first time, where all my videoes got deleted. Since then it’s been hell. Some of our kitchen at dad’s broke too, so we had to get new, and we doesn’t have the money for it. My dads girlfriends phone is broken too. And we might have to sell the house, because we simply doesn’t have money for it anymore. Else we’ll probably get kicked out.

Bad luck, much?