I decided to actually go see Green Day at the festival yesterday, even though I could barely walk, and man, I do not regret it at all! You have no idea how awesome they are live! Of course, I prefer Tokio Hotel, but Green Day have a very cool stage show! And what I find even cooler is that they take so many fans on stage! I think there was at least 4 fans on stage to help the guys do something cool. One of the fans even sung an entire song of theirs while the band was playing the music for it! It was really fucking awesome. And they really love interacting with the crowd, making us say stuff all the time. I love their energy. The show was on for about 2½ hours, woah. I didn’t bring my camera though, because the past years at the festival we weren’t able to take cameras – but this time we were, and I didn’t know, so my pics and video is done with my phone, that’s why they aren’t so good, but it’s better than nothing! Green Day is definitely a very good live experience!!