So I told you in my blogpost earlier today, that I was going to post about Schlag den Raab at Saturday, in Cologne. And I will. I was afraid I couldn’t go, because I was sick, but I got better and just took some pills with me. We drove from Linda’s place at about 22-23 in the evening, and drove to Cologne all night. We were outside the studio at 6 in the morning, to check out if any fans where there, but no one. I think we saw one XD

After that, we drove around looking at some hotels, the boys could live in, but didn’t seem to find anything, so we headed back to the studio again, and waited outside. The fans started coming. A lot of fans started coming.

The boys showed up at about 16, I think. We knew because the security started going outside and keeping us away, so we were ready with our camera through the fence. I saw Tom in the car. He was wearing some white outfit, and that was all I saw. They got in and parked the van JUST RIGHT IN FRONT of where they were supposed to go out, so THIS was all I got of Tom… A WHITE HAT! YAY! XD *sarcasm*

I guess the reason they didn’t wanted us to see them, was the same as in Sweden.. they had no make-up on! LOL! Weird. After that, we thought that we wanted to go take a little look at some stores in the city, to find a bathroom and change clothes and such, so we did that. It was quite cosy, but the stores we found wasn’t really that amazing. But we changed our clothes.

We got to the studio again, and waited there all night, really. Suddenly some girls started screaming at the fence, about 23 and we realized the boys were there. It was the most crappy way to give autographs, ever. Not even half of all the people standing there could reach them or see them. They were there in like 2-5 mins before leaving again, to do the show. I was so disappointed, really (as you can tell, I didn’t get anything, and couldn’t really see them).

We wanted to find their hotel after, but couldn’t. We stayed at a hotel we thought were the one, all night, ’til 9 in the morning where we drove home. Stopped at the trainstation in Cologne to buy Vogue, Popcorn and Bravo. Yahoooo.. XD We drove home, and I caught my train in the last minute. And yeah, then I was sitting in the train for 3 hours, and was home at 21 last night. There’s lots of small details I missed out, but yeah.. I was disappointed, but what the hell.. the trip with the girls was really good <3 I’ll get another chance seeing the boys again.

I don’t dare eating more of them, because in the end there won’t be more of them, and I can’t get them in Denmark XD I feel like a little kid, going totes crazy over some candy, LOL! When she gave it to me I had my eyes closed and when I opened them I was like “WEEEEE! *clappy hands, with a big smile* “THANKS!!” LOL XD