Mom got me this t-shirt yesterday from Gina Tricot. I saw another blogger having it and I found it adorably cute and I just had to have it! It’s only about 11 €, which is quite cheap. I adore it. Now I’m just waiting for it to arrive with the mail! Can’t wait!

Besides that; Yesterday was a good day (until something else happened). My neighbor told me he would get me a ticket for Skive Festival, which starts today and I was so happy about it all day.. Green Day is playing tonight at 21.45 and I had plans with Cecilie and everything – and as I blogged yesterday, I had so much energy I actually taught myself the Bad Romance dance.. And well, then my stepmom and 2 year old little brother gets home and my little brother and I played catch and he fell and I didn’t see, and I fell over him and hit my foot. I then went to the hospital, and my middle toe on right foot is broken in the lowest bone, which means I can barely walk on my foot. This is so typical – when something good and lucky happens to me, something unlucky happens and prevents me from doing the good thing.. Just like when I lost my video with Tokio Hotel, after meeting them at the signing session in Cologne.

I so want to go see Green Day tonight, but that would mean LOTS OF WALKING, and I don’t know if I can handle it. I guess I’ll have to wait and see later today. I skipped school = more absence. I’ve just been laying in my bed with my foot on a pillow and the weather is amazing outside. Sucks so much.