We arrived to Switzerland in the morning on the 31st after driving through Austria and some of Germany, having a tough but cool night. Well, that ended when we came to Switzerland where they stopped us at the gates.. They wanted to check if we had brought DRUGS with us. Like, what the fuck? All the German and France cars got right through; but the Danes. No way in hell we could get through, so we spent 30 minutes there. They even checked my fucking lipbalm to see if there was drugs in it.

Anyway, we arrived to Hallenstadion and saw the line. There wasn’t really that many. We decided to go park in a parking lot, and yeah, we wanted to get some sleep. It ended up with us putting up the tent in the parking lot, but well, after a few hours sleeping there this man told us we couldn’t. We took the tent down and got in the car to sleep there in stead. We slept ’till about 18, and then we went to get something to eat, and well.. Zürich is a scheiss city, to be honest. What’s up with the fucked up traffic lights? Really! Only green for like 2 seconds and then red in FOREVER. We got changed with our clothes though at a tankstation, got something to eat (which btw tasted like shiiit) and then we drove back to Hallenstadion. Everybody were already let in, so we just walked in as the last ones, but hey; no innerraum, so we just walked right to Georgs side. We could walk all the way to 2nd row if that was what we wanted, so it was cool enough..

The venue was seriously BIG, and it seemed so empty, unfortunately. There’s lots of stuff you see when you stand there, in stead of when you stand on front row. On front row you don’t see all the kids, parents, old people standing in the back. It was soooo odd to see, really! Anyway, this DJ was warming up, just playing some music, and the boys went on late – as mostly. This concert was special because it was Georgs birthday, and the plan was apparently to sing birthday song to him during the first break.. but nobody did so! We managed to finally sing birthday song to him when they started the acoustic set. We just started to sing, and everybody went in sync, so Bill stopped and told us that if we had to sing for him we would have to call him Hagen! So we sang for him, called him Hagen, and Bill moved his hands soooo cute, smiling and singing with us (but not in the microphone). Georg was all smily, and he seemed a bit shy. So so cuuuute!

The concert went on, awesome concert, it was nice not to stand up in front too because you got to see the whole stage more as one, and you could see all the boys and just move as you felt like it. I, of course, love front row more, but this was very cool too. They rocked it as always, and as always they were cute, amazing, etc. <3

Anyway, pics and a medley video for you guys. Next review will be TOULOUSE in France!