Hey guys!
I’m home from Cologne and have been since yesterday. I left at wednesday, where I had to be in train for 3 hours, and then Linda and I drove all night to Cologne. It was like 9 hours, because we ran into an accident at the german autobahn, so we had to be in line for like an hour. It sucked pretty bad.
We were in Cologne at about 5 in the morning, and didn’t really get any sleep. We hang out at the “boys” hotel (which it probably wasn’t, LOL), and Linda had to pick up some of the other girls, so I was there for 3 hours and talked with some sweet polish girl. After that, Linda picked me up, and we had to get some other girls at the trainstation, and then we got back to our hostel. We fixed up, and got out to the O2 Arena, where I met Elizabeth (One of the girls from Werchter), and then we hung out. Suddenly everybody without tickets started running, and we got into some line, where we actually waited for 5 long hours in the sun.. but you know what? It was worth it! We didn’t really know what was going on..

5 hours later, we were told that when all the people with tickets had been let in, we MIGHT get in. And we did. We so did! We got in, and we saw the guys, even though we didn’t have tickets! I started crying, of course. It had been over a year since I had seen them like that, so it was really emotional. And Automatisch was AMAZING acoustic *__*

After that, we had to sit down and wait for an hour for the autograph session. I’m glad I was one of the first ones to get up to the guys. They were so sweet and funny!!
Me: “Hallo Guuustav!”
Gustav: “HALLO!!!” *signing my stuff*
Me: “Hallo Tom. Kannst du zwei Mal schreiben, bitte?” (Can you write 2 times, please?)
Tom: *writing on my stuff, only one time*
Me: “Tom, noch ein Mal hier.”
Tom: *laughing, before writing again and then giving it to me.*
Me: *going to Bill, just trying to find the pic he has to sign.*
Bill: *looking at my hands, before sliding his gaze up in my eyes with the biggest most cute smile EVER* “HIIII!!!!”
Me: *surprised* “Hey!” *giving him the pic he has to sign*
Bill: *signs pic before putting it to Georg and then looking me in the eyes again, still smiling*
Me: *taking pic Bill just signed, ’cause Georg shouldn’t write on it. Finding pic Georg has to sign.*
Georg: *signs pic*
Bodyguard pushing me away.
LOL, it was just amazing!!!! And you know what? I had this amazing moment on video.. But it’s gone now. Linda and I tried to put it on her computer, but when we pushed the “look at the pictures” button, there weren’t any pics at the card. We took out the card, and there was only like 5 pics on the camera 🙁 And I can’t get them on my computer.

The things I got signed. Took the pics of Georg and Bill myself!

I’m going to the photographer in a few minutes, to get to hear if they can do anything, and try to get my stuff back. We didn’t even get near a delete button, I haven’t done anything myself. I hope they can get it back. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

Anyway, it was the best experience ever. Bill was the cutest thing on earth. And it was really nice being at Lindas place after, too <3 it had been way too long! I hope I’ll go on a trip soon again. There’s nothing better than the feeling of almost being high after such a thing. Nothing. I already miss it.