I’m just bored at school, having German classes right now. I have 2 German classes, then 2 English classes and then 2 History classes before I get off from school. Then I’ll be home at about 16:30 and then I’ll leave at 17:30 for a girls night with my former classmates. I miss them so much, so I can’t wait to have a nice evening with them. One of the girls got her own apartment, so she invited all of us to visit her, so we’re gonna make dinner together and such. Awesome, right?

Lately I’ve been feeling so lonely, because I’m almost alone at home all the time. I guess it’s just because I spent 9 days constantly being around and with people (especially Mia Malene and Linda), so it’s so weird to be all alone with no one to talk to, no one texting me, and well – nobody really writes to me that much on the internet anymore, since one girl decided to dump me. I kind of miss being with Mia Malene and Linda now, and I miss the mini tour we had. It was awesome, it really was. Ich will zurück. <3

Anyway, for now I’ll just leave a pic from today.. Looking maaaaaaad, lol!