It’s time for another concert review, and this time it’s a Vienna review!

Friday, March 26th I took the train for 3 hours to get to Lindas place. We were heading to Vienna in Austria, where we were going to the Tokio Hotel concert on March 30! We should’ve actually been to the concert in Zagreb in Croatia on March 28th, but the concert was canceled, unfortunately.

We drove all night (Linda drove 13 hour straight from Denmark to Vienna, so props for her! She did amazing!), through Germany, Czech Republic and then to Austria. It was so awesome to see all new places. I love travelling. Czech have such a different culture than we do in Denmark, it was kind of crazy and unrealistic to see all that. When we arrived in Vienna we booked a room in a hostel and payed for it, but we didn’t actually go there. We slept in the car for some hours in a parking lot under the Stadthalle (which was basically our “home” when we were in Vienna, lol!) and at about 18 in the evening we went to Prater in Vienna, which is a themepark of a kind. It was so much fun! We met some of the girls from the Austrian fanclub and they told us people were already camping outside Stadthalle, even though it wasn’t allowed! So, we tried to figure things out and figure out when we could get our numbers, and we were told we only could next morning, so the Austrian girls were sweet enough to let us sleep in their apartment for the night.

Next morning we got up early to go to the Stadthalle, where we then got a number. I got number 24, which was pretty fine, since that still means 1st row! We were told that we had to get back to get the numbers checked, so we went back to the apartment to get more sleep. Later on, we were told that the girls who ruled the number system didn’t anymore, and that the Austrians had gotten hands on it, which was okay. It was awesome camping, because we weren’t allowed to camp originally, we didn’t actually have to STAY outside Stadthalle, so Mia Malene and I got to sleep and shower at the Austrian girls apartment again, which was very sweet of them! Also, we went on lots of sightseeing in Vienna, which was awesome too. Vienna is such a nice city, to be honest!

On Monday evening the bareers were put up in front of the venue and we were put into the in the lining. Security were there all night along with the first aid people taking care of us, giving us hot tea and making sure we were all okay. You felt so safe being there, and I couldn’t help thinking it was like Essen.

We slept there all night, it was kind of hard, but we managed to. Next day people started arriving, and the queuing was actually really good. We were split up in 3 lines, and it was managed so example nr. 1 was in line 1, nr. 2 was in line 2, 3 was in line 3, then 4 was in line 1, then 5 was in line 2 and 6 in line 3, and then it went on like that. Also, there were borders so only 30 people would get let into the venue at time, so it meant that we were ASSURED first row! Totally awesome!

At about 18 the doors got opened, and we (as the first 30) ran inside. Linda was the first one who got in, and we got the spot we wanted – at the corner just between Tom and Bill, yay! But epic fail happened when I had to run inside; there was this bump on the floor right after the doors inside, and well.. I was too focused on getting to Linda at the first row, so I fell. So did Mia Malene and so did all the other fans. It looked EPIC, I tell you! Even the security found it very funny! It hurt, but I still find it funny!

The concert started on TIME this time (which is pretty awesome, since they’re normally always late) and there was NO support act, so it was awesome! There were a lot more pushing this time than in Denmark. Not just a little, but A LOT. People kept thinking that they could get people into a 1st row that was already full. Stupid. Anyway, when the concert started it got better, and the guys were so sweet and they rocked it as always! We rocked 1st row too, the guy who films in front of the stage LOVED us. He kept pointing the camera towards our direction. I can’t count all the times we were on the big screens. Too awesome.

Austrian fanaction went really well with all the Alien heads. When Bill saw it he grinned, just right before he started singing. It was so cute! Also, he looked down at us at one point for AT LEAST 10-20 seconds, and no, I’m not overreacting! He was the cutest thing ever.

I won’t get into too many details about the concert besides that, except that Bills microphone stopped working during Für immer jetzt, so he just stood there trying to fix it while we sang the song for him. The other guys kept playing, and Tom looked so confused at his twinbrother trying to make the damn microphone work. It ended with Bill running quickly backstage, getting his white “freiheit89” microphone in stead, and then running up towards the podium singing “fühlst du mich”, rocking it.

Awesome concert and front row is pure love <33333 I love the fact I got to stand on the front row at 2 German setlists; but the one in Copenhagen Bill talked English between the songs, and the one in Vienna it was PURE German. Anyway, enjoy some of my pictures. I didn’t tag this many this time, I’ll probably tag more later! I have so many amazing ones, I tell you. It would take ages to tag them all. There’ll be video later too. Next review is for; Zürich!!!