So, you do know that I’ve been saying in my past blog posts that something exciting was going to happen this week, and I am now revealing what it is to you in this blog post!

YES! I got my first tattoo, which I have been planning for just about a year. Finally it’s where I want it to be, and I absolutely adore it . It says “I believe”. So why did I choose to write that between my shoulders?

Every zodiac sign has got a phrase, and the phrase for my zodiac sign, pisces, is “I believe”. It fits me very well as a person, and also it is a great reminder to myself that I should always remember to believe – especially in myself, since that has always been something I have been struggling with. This is a reminder of how I am good enough just as I am, and if I believe, I can do whatever the hell I want to do. 

Was done at Dead Swallow Tattoo in Skive, Denmark. The photos were taken 2 hours after the tattoo was done.