… when you think that the ones you love always want you the best, always want to see you happy, and they disappoint you with saying they would rather see you cry, than with a big smile over your face? It hurts so much, when you realize that. I thought the meaning about being friends was to always be there for each other, and always wanna cheer you up, when you know you actually can. I always want the best for my friends. I do all kinds of stuff, that I know I would hate and have another opinion on myself, just to make them happy. Why won’t they do the same thing to me? Maybe because they’re selfish stupid people. Why can’t I just let go, and pretend that this person never existed at all? Maybe because I love this person so much, even though the person keep hurting me and disappointing me constantly. What’s up with this world? Just because you’re a spoiled kid, doesn’t mean you don’t have to think about other peoples feelings too.