Got up at 9:30 to get breakfast, then drive to the city to meet Cecilie and then go buy a birthday gift for Sif. Then visit Sif and give her the present (which she loved!) and then go to H&M to see if I could find myself new pajamas, with no luck. Then had slush-ice/slurpee with Cecilie!

Cecilie then went with me home and we made pancakes and from the morning, I had already put bananas in the freezer to make sure I had bananas for very simple and homemade icecream when I got home! (Recipe HERE, only in Danish though)

That’s just about what my day have been like so far. I think I might watch an episode of Castle in a bit, and then try to take a nap, since I didn’t get much sleep last night. I just couldn’t fall asleep.