I haven’t done a todays question for a long time, but I thought that I wanted to do this one. I have had a lot of questions about my hair, not only on my blog, but also in real life and on other places on the internet. Ellie gave me a question of which brand my hairdye is, and what I use – So I thought I wanted to dedicate an entire post to everything about my hair! Yay!

Okay, first off; Hair dye. I actually use a lot of different hair dyes. I started off by using the dye from Schwarzkopf called LIVE color XXL, and in the red color “43 red passion”. It’s a darker red color than my hair is now though. Last two times, I used a red color which Mia Malene got me for my birthday – I do not remember the brand though. The next dye I’m going to try is from Brilliance. 

The most important thing to my red hair though, is to keep it looking red and not fading – Which is hard when it comes to red hair, BUT there is such thing called Revlon Nutri Color Creme, which helps ALOT. I can recommend these for everybody. They exist in almost every hair color there is. They give the color of your hair a nice boost + it makes your hair so much softer. It’s color and hair treatment all in one. I can’t live without this one. I use it at least once a week after washing my hair, and it makes a big difference. It is definitely important to use if you have red hair, and want to keep it red.

And last; Shampoo & conditioner. I usually just use a color protector shampoo and conditioner, but as I showed you before, I bought some special shampoo and conditioner for red hair while I was in London. I have used it a few times already, but I do think that it works just like any other shampoo – Unfortunately. You can see what shampoo it is right HERE

I hope this helps a bit for those of you who are thinking about having red hair and wanting to keep it!