Mum decided to bake today, and well – I don’t know how much I helped, but I did help decide the colors of the cupcakes though. I was supposed to help, but I’ve been feeling sick all day, so I didn’t want my “fingers” too much in the cake – didn’t want to make other people sick.

These cupcakes are another batch of vanilla rainbow cupcakes; This time we just used another recipe than we usually do. We’ve also ordered some other food color, so we tried that too. Unfortunately the pictures don’t show the colors that well, because it’s kind of hard to take good pictures here in the evening. Anyway, the cupcakes are green, violet and red, and the buttercream is limegreen and blue.

And yes, they do taste just as good as they look! Mum also made some lime cake – first time ever, so I’m kind of excited to taste that.