Dreaming while you’re sleeping is something everybody does – and it always happens. Even if you don’t remember your dreams. If you don’t, it just means you actually finished your dream. When you remember the dream, it means you woke up in the middle of it.

Tonight I had a dream, and I kind of wanted to tell about it, so here were go:
I dreamt that Mia Malene and Canni had won a M&G in Moscow at Tokio Hotels hotel, and I had to go with them there, just to stay outside and wait for them to come out again, but when I went there a lady actually went “Come on in, girls” and I started to go “Wait, I didn’t win a..” and the lady said “Come on in anyway!”
I was taken to a room, I remember it being very white, and I think I stood there with Mia Malene. I had no clue where the other girls had gone, but I remember Bill coming from the door, wearing that blue shirt, hat, all the accesories, every single detail, I remember (as in the pic with the “dreaming” sign). He didn’t even greet Mia Malene, he went straight to me to give me a hug. I just went “Hi, wie geht’s?” to him and he laughed a little before saying “Geht gut” and then he said “I’m here to show you into the other room where all the others are, so come on”.. He then tok us to the room, and I remember taking off my jacket, scarf, etc. I put them on a chair, and just some minutes later we were taken to an airport to fly somewere. I was seated next to Bill, and talked to him all the way to the place we had to go. When we arrived, it was some kind of competition between all the girls in the whole wide world who had ever won a M&G with them. We had to compete about living with the boys for one day.. and then I asked Bill, “Are we going back to Moscow so I can get my jacket and stuff?” and then I woke up.

Weird dream, huh? The most realistic dream I had was back in 2008 after I knew Bill was going through surgery. I’ll tell about that dream another day.

Have you ever had any really weird dreams? Or any realistic ones? You’re welcome to tell me about them in the comments, and I might make an entry with the ones I think are funny, cool, etc. 😀