Yesterday, when I blogged a “todays outfit”, I got a rude comment on my body, and I thought I wanted to share it with you and put it up for discussion.. This is the comment:

My first thought, when I read this comment, was to actually just laugh at it. First of all.. Brave? Why would I have to be brave? I have learned to live with the body I have and the curves I have. I can’t change my curves and what I look like – This is the body I have to live with for my entire life.. How would my life be if I had to hide myself, just because somebody thinks I don’t have a nice body? You know, people are different.. I know, there are people out there who actually do think I have a nice body. Your ugly, might be somebody elses beautiful.. Your beautiful, might be somebody elses ugly. People have different taste and beautiful comes in all shapes and sizes. It comes in size 0 and in size 12. In size XS or size XXL. You get the point, right?

Also, some other people would have maybe been very sad, seeing this comment. You never know what plans people have for their day.. You never know if the girl you just called fat, had a really bad day, and fought through her life, trying to be the skinny girl because society tells her having curves is wrong. You never know if the girl you just called a stupid bimbo, actually sit at home, working her ass off trying to get good grades in school. You don’t know peoples personal life. I’m not the one being ugly here and neither is everybody else you call ugly – Society and its expectations is the ugly thing here. We were all born in our own way, and I like not being like everybody else! Born to be brave!

What is your opinion on this, gorgeous readers? I’d really like to hear!