As I told you yesterday, I was going to take some pictures when I went to the festival yesterday. I did so, and they might be a bit weird and bad (not talking about my blond roots, please!), but we had fun. I watched Dúné’s concert on 3rd row, and then we watched some of Selvmord (Danish rappers) too and then listened to Rasmus Seebach (which by the way, is a musician I DO NOT LIKE, but anyway) and else we just walked around, talking and having fun. Also, when we took pictures with that drawed “friend”, a guy came to me and took a picture with me and saying “I just thought you should have 2 friends, not just 1!” hahaha.. Those drunk people can be so much fun! I will post pictures from Dúné later on.

Trying on some sunglasses.

Looking pretty with pink hair!