Today it’s a year since I went to Werchter Boutique in Belgium. Well, yesterday it was a year since we flew to Brussels. It was really nice, even thought we got lost in those creepy streets of Brussels, to find our hotel. Seriously, it was really creepy! Anyway, since it’s a year since it, today, I think I’m going to blog about the experience, and post some pictures (!!!!!!), which is quite rare for me. I usually don’t post my TH pictures, because some fans are just.. aarg.. with removing tags and so.

Well, as I said we got to Brussels at July 12th 2008. Me and 2 friends had flewn from Copenhagen airport, to Brussels airport, and when we arrived, we got into some shop buying lots of french magazines with TH in it. xD Typical! We had lots of fun in the plane, even though we sat all the way in the back of it, in all the noise. Well, we arrived in Brussels as I said, and we had to take some train to another place in the city. It was weird to figure it all out xD When we arrived at the trainstation, we got out and asked some man in a cab if he could take us to our hotel, but he said like "It’s only 1 km that way" and we thanked him, started going. Well, 1 hour later we were at our hotel xD It was a creepy place, seriously! Everytime we had to go out the hotel owner warned us with "Watch out, they might steal your bags!"

We waited up all night, because one of my friends and I had to get a cab at 3 night, to the place where the festival was held. It was a private cab, so it was kind of creepy xD But we got there about 4. Our other frined couldn’t come with us, because 2 other friends we had, had just been in Switzerland, and they were going to Werchter too. They had the ticket for my 2nd friend.

We got to the venue, and there was about 50 people already, I guessed. We would get let in at 11 in the morning. We sat down, and some really sweet Belgium girls talked to us, and gave us blankets, foods and stuff. They were really really sweet. They actually got our mail, but we guessed they lost it. It’s really sad, I would’ve like to known them better. Also, they let us in 2nd row when we got in. They told us to just follow them, and they would get us great spots. And they did! The only not so cool thing, was that we couldn’t see Gustav, else it was okay!

The concert started and it was really great. Actually, that picture is taken in the middle of the concert. You can see those belgium girls we talked with right next to us. If anybody knows them, please tell (:

Right after the concert we had to go find out friends, cause we had to go to the hotel (they have car), but they had left without us. It was really weird just being there in the middle of a city you knew absolutely nothing about. I just sat down on the ground and started crying. I was so scared. But some nice family took us to the airport in Brussels, because cabs couldn’t get in the festival place. They were really sweet to us. At the airport we took a cab to our hotel, and when we got to the hotel we called our friends. They were at TH’s hotel. We decided to take cab there, even though TH weren’t there. They had taken their private airplane back to germany (THANKS for letting us know, TH tv!!!!). stupid boys xD We then drove back to the hotel, so our other friends could get a room too. The whole evening we spent together in the beautiful places of Brussels. We went out having dinner, checking the city out. It was really cool, and really cosy!

The next morning we packed our stuff, and got downstairs having breakfast. Another cosy and really lovely dinner with the girls. Sacha and I got the the aiport, and we barely didn’t make it to the plane. We were lucky! We had a really nice flight though. It was funny xD We got to Copenhagen airport and hang out untill I had to take my train. 5 hours home. And that was pretty much how it ended.
The 2 pictures right above is taken by Sacha & Pernille.

Here’s some of the pics I’ve taken. I would like people NOT to use it for graphics or cut off the tags! If I see they’re being used, I WILL remove them, and stop showing any kind of pictures!!! Click to make them bigger:


and a video, of course xD: