So, today Tokio Hotel’s new music video for their new single “Darkside of the sun” got official on their homepage, and well – I thought I wanted to share my opinions in here. Anyway, first of all; Yes, the video is really pretty and really emotional, but it’s really not their best video. There’s lots of fans showed in it, lots of intimate moments on stage and I really love that – and I love the fact that they used the live version of the song too (It’s just a bit unlucky that when Bill stop singing to make the fans sing, you can’t hear a damn think of what they’re actually singing).. I love that there’s so much Gustav in it! I’m really not a Gustav girl, I’m so much into Bill – but oh my God, Gustav is sooo cute in it!

It of course brings back memories, but I really wish they’d done Sonnensystem too.. I actually just wish they’d made a German version of the DVD too.. Mostly because I went to 5 concerts and they were all the German setlist. Anyway, Screamin’, Dogs Unleashed, Humanoid, Hey You and In your shadow I can shine were all the same at both English and German setlist, so I can definitely get the feeling from those!

Take a look at the video, and tell me what you think!