Finally I got my hair cut again! It was needed, and it’s so nice that it’s finally shorter again. Now I just need to get it dyed, which will happen tonight so it can get all pretty before I go to my great grandpa’s 90 year old birthday on Saturday.

I really want to make some changes with my hair, since I’ve had it black for several years now, but I just don’t know what I want to do. Any suggestions? I already tried to go blonde, but well.. My hair turned out orange, and I don’t really have patience for the blonde thing, and let’s just say that orange does not fit me at all!

Anyway, do you like the haircut? I know it’s bad quality webcam pictures, but I didn’t want to use the camera since I have serious blonde roots. Last time I dyed my hair black was at the end of February, so it makes it about 4 months since.