As most TH fans probably know, we now know the name of the new CD, being released in first week of October (most sources tell us it’s going to be on october 2nd). The name is "Humanoid"… I don’t like it, really xD Well, today was the leak of the first band pictures from a photoshoot, and I now decided to stay positive. Beside Bills ugly spacesuit, the picture is a good one. Georg looks hot, LOL! Anyway, this picture was shown by Nokia, and as most fans ALSO now, TH is going to do commercial for them… Which includes an unplugged miniconcert and signing session in Cologne. BUT… the tickets can only be won. It’s on august 27th……. It’s on a thursday (I’m going to school, lol) and it’s on my dads birthday.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT? I don’t give a SHIT! If I’m going to get tickets, if I’m getting the chance to go, I AM SO GOING! I don’t care if I’ll get to that 10% away from school in a year, I WANNA GO IF I GET THE CHANCE. No doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!

Else, I’m always very pessimistic, and I was at first when I saw that picture. BUT… then I realized.. "Hey, I don’t give a shit what Bill wears. I don’t give a fucking shit. IT’S HIM. They’re back!!!!!" I missed them so much, and then they’re finally here and all I can do is complain. No fucking way. I’M GLAD YOU’RE BACK, BOYS <333333

(btw, if I don’t stay positive, I have Amiee to throw eggs at me xD)