Time for another review, and this time it’s for Toulouse in France. We arrived on April 1st in the evening, after a long and amazing trip from Switzerland (France and Switzerland is so so pretty with all the mountains, etc!!!). The boys had April 1st off, so we knew they would go to a hotel in Toulouse right after they finished in Zürich (They usually do). We drove to a McDonalds to get something to eat, and then we drove to the venue to get numbers. Actually, we just got them for safety. I got like number 183 or something like that, I think, but we decided to just sleep in the car that night.. Well, that was AFTER Mia Malene and I had been walking around whole fucking Toulouse to just find a toilet, because McDonalds had closed with only McDrive open.. I knocked on McDrive, but no, security in there told us we couldn’t get in, so we had to walk around the whole city to find the toilet, and we found one after an hour. After that we went back to the venue and got into the car and slept there for the night.

Next day we got up at 8 and drove to the boys’ hotel.. Or.. Actually, we waited at the wrong hotel, but just around 30 mins before the boys came out from their hotel we got a text saying that we were at the wrong hotel, so we immediately drove to the right one, and well – when we arrived the tourbusses were already there, and there stood well.. around 15-30 fans, I would say. Not really that many fans, and nobody screamed either. We just parked the car and ran out, and like 5 mins after we got out Gustav came out from the hotel, all sneaky with a security guard, haha! Almost nobody noticed him! 10 minutes later Georg came out, all the fans said “Morgen” and Georg replied with a “Moooorgen!”. I think some fans told him happy birthday too, since he said “Danke schööön”, and then walked to the bus. 10-15 minutes later security begun to remove some of the fans because the twins had to come out (the fans blocked the door the twins should get out from. Georg took the entrance other door, so did Gustav). Gordon had already came out with the black dog. First Bill came out, he smiled at us and then walked. I barely noticed Tom because Bill was so gorgeously stunning (as always!), so when he walked like 20 cm’s away from me with his dog I was all like “Woah! That was close!” and then I just clicked a picture of his back, haha. I don’t remember the twins saying anything at all, but it was amazing anyway. Bill was the cutest thing ever. Which I always think, haha!


After that we drove back to the venue, to see the boys there, but they drove to the back so we couldn’t really see anything. We checked out the line, and it was pure chaos. No fence, no nothing. Everybody was just standing there, being one big chaos, really! It was at least 25 celcius degrees there, and we didn’t want to sit in the sun so we just went to sit in the car while we got something to eat and drink, and listened to loud music, talking, haha! Quite cozy, actually. After that we drove to fix ourselves up at a toilet in McDonalds, and then go shopping for some food and something to drink (omg, I got the BEST pineapple ever!). We’d decided to walk in just as the doors opened, hoping there was no innerraum, which meant we got time to go shopping and check out some of Toulouse. The shopping was quite fun actually! France have so many things we don’t have in Denmark, which makes it awesome!

After that we got back to Zénith, and we parked the car and got something to eat. Also, Linda decided to make a banner, but I don’t think we used it at the concert, haha! Not sure. The fans were starting to getting let in, so we walked towards the ticketshop, so we could buy ourselves some tickets (Toulouse was a spontaneous decision. We didn’t know if we wanted to go, but we thought about it after Zagreb was canceled), and then we walked to the line and got in. No innerraum, which meant we in the end got a great spot. DJ (support act) started and when he did we stood almost all behind, but during the concert I managed to get 3rd row on Toms side for some time, but decided to go a little further back, so I stood at about 5-6th row. I think I missed 3 waterbottles, as they flew to the persons RIGHT behind me all the time. I was sooo close all the time, but bad luck, I guess, haha! The concert was amazing – and the French fans aren’t really as bad, they’re actually quite awesome! (Even though I never managed to go in a crowd THAT smelly before, LOL!) The boys were so happy, I got so many pictures where Bill smiles. Also, when the boys speak French; It’s sooo adorable!

After the concert we sat in the car for a bit to watch each others pictures and videos (we always do that, it’s quite cozy actually!), and then we drove to a place to park the car and get some sleep, so we the next day could drive to the last concert of our mini-tour; Geneva. Which will also be my next review. Anyway, here’s the pictures I tagged from Toulouse and another medley video. Enjoy!