Yesterday I went to the photographer to get a rescue on my photocard, and she found something, luckily. Well, unfortunately it wasn’t the vids, but somehow I got some screencaptures FROM the videos. I don’t know how the hell that is possible, but I’m just happy I have SOMETHING, and not everything is lost! It’s bad quality (the pics from the vids),  but it really is better than nothing. Anyway, I wanted to show you guys the pics I tagged.

Tom at the concert.

Tom & Bill from the autograph session. This is a pic from a video but as you know,
the video got deleted somehow when we tried to put it on the computer. So this and
the next picture is the only thing I have left from THAT video. It’s sad, but true.

This is from right before Bill looked at me. Sad that the screen wasn’t from
THAT moment, but that’s life.

You really do know you’re something special, when Bill stares at your hands, before gazing up, looking at your eyes with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen him do, saying “HIIIIII!” as if he was really expecting to see you. I miss him so much now. That moment keep playing on repeat in my head. It could’ve been repeat on my computer, but the video is gone, and those 2 pics is all I have left from it.