So, since yesterday we’ve (my family) been babysitting a girl named Michelle, and a boy named Max. Their mum and dad was holding a party, so the kids were going to stay at our place. My mum had Michelle in daycare when she was a little baby, so it’s nice to keep up with them getting older. Michelle is 7, and Max is 5. It was nice, we saw a movie at our big screen yesterday. It’s like a projector we got up, so it’ll be nice if there’ll be a TH fanmeeting or something here. We can watch TH on a 71″ screen! YAY! I wanted to take a picture of it, but the camera in my phone is broken AGAIN (5 weeks since I got it fixed last time), so I can’t. But here’s a pic of me and Michelle from this morning XD I’m wearing no make-up, and looking like scheisse, but whatever XD