Leopard prints is some of my favourite. Everywhere I see leopard prints in different colors and versions, I go totally crazy. This week there was leopard print everywhere in a store we have in Denmark called “Føtex”, and I saw that they had some amazing high heels, both in regular leopard color and a grey one. Normally I would’ve chosen the regular one, but they were ugly, and I already have a pair looking a bit like the new ones, just with open to some of the toes. I chose some grey ones this time, and also got a grey tanktop. The tanktop costed 50 DKK (which is about 7 euro) and the high heels costed 100 DKK (which is about 14 euro).. CHEAP! My other leopard high heels costed me about 500 DKK (about 67 euro)! Wow, cheap ones. And I was lucky.. just one pair of my size left!