At least I feel better now. Today I decided to get a hot shower and get in some nice relaxing and warm clothes. A pair of loose black Everlast trousers, a pair of nice warm Hello Kitty socks, a skeleton T-shirt and of course – a nice warm Tokio Hotel hoodie – and last thing, a nice soft scarf. I’m doiing grreaaat.. (At least I think so, LOL) Well, my nose has turned really red and it hurts like hell – and I got all hoarse, but at least the fever went down a little. Hopefully it’ll get better.

Tomorrow some of the girls from 99c is coming over to have a movie night with me. It’s been over 2 months since I saw them last time, and I can’t wait to see them again. We used to have so much fun together, the 3 of us. I’ll see if I get to take some pics tomorrow, then I’ll of course post some.

BESIDES that, as most of the Tokio Hotel people probably know – we now know some of the cities Tokio Hotel are going to play in, in 2010. Hamburg is one of the cities – hopefully I’ll get to go to that concert. Hopefully they’ll put some scandinavian city names on it too (SOME IN DENMARK, please!) and hopefully we’ll get to know the dates soon too. Can’t wait to go to concerts, meet people, have fun. I love it, I simply do. Hopefully I’ll by then, have more money to do it with, since I have a birthday in beginning of March.

Anyway, I better cuddle in to bed again. Dharma & Greg is in the TV. I love that show. I’ll try to do a Todays question later. Can’t promise anything though. And dont’ get scared of the pic – LOL. I look sick as fuck and I’m wearing NO MAKE-UP at all. HA HA!