I’ve been wandering around in the city in hours today, trying to look for some new wintershoes and a new winterjacket, and when I finally found the amazing jacket, it wasn’t my size, and then I thought “HEEEEY, I’ll buy it online!” and when I came home, mum said yes, just order it.. She’s paying. I love my mum <333 She always helps me financially, and I should appreciate it more than I do. I love her so much. Danke schön, mum <3 Now all I need is some boots. I saw some amazing ones weeks ago, but it wasn’t in my city, it’s like half hour driving away. It’s the city I bought the english Humanoid in, so.. But she didn’t have the money to buy them there. I saw some amazing ones today too, but they had really high heels, and they would probably make my feet hurt like hell, if I had to walk in them every day. Anyway, the jacket is amazing. It’ll arrive next week. Can’t wait to get it :D!