It has been such a long day today, really. Getting up at 6.15, making breakfast, school ’till 15.25 and then getting picked up by stepmum. Then picking up littlebrother at daycare, then going shopping for groceries in Føtex and Lidl. I got a new nice studded top though. I’ll take a picture later and show you guys!

I had my first Spanish lessons today. Well, actually I’m not going to have Spanish classes after Christmas. I’m going to switch class so I can get my German classes. I miss them. Odd, right? I love German, even though the grammar can be a real pain.

I had 3 math lessons today, and I was so bored. Couldn’t figure the tasks out, so I turned my webcam on and started to take some pictures and edit them. I’ll dye my hair before wednesday, next week.

Mum and I are going to fill the house with Christmas stuff on sunday evening, and we’re going to bake for Christmas too, later next week. I love my mum so much, at the moment. Well, I always do, but right at this moment I really love her. I’m lucky to have such an amazing mum, you have no idea.

Anyway, picture of me being bored in math class. Picture of the top will come later. Going to the living room to watch “Lærkevej” now. (Danish sitcom)