Hey leute.
So, today hasn’t been a good day. At all. I’ve had a fight with one of my friends. She’s once again, pissed that I’m going to Cologne, without her. She thinks I want to sit back home being sad while she’s at a familyparty. As if I want that? at the start of the week she BEGGED me to go, but when she cant go, she tells me to fucking stay home. Makes no sence. So I’ve been sad all day, and when I came home from school I fixed my nailpolish and made a packing list, before I went to bed. I felt so bad. When I woke up I had a fever, and I started running towards the bathroom constantly, to throw up. I’ve felt so bad since that. It’s so typical for it to come JUST when I have something important to go to. 🙁 I wanna go so bad. I’ll see tomorrow if it gets better. If not, I’ll not be going.. And then I can sit in my room all weekend being depressed. and oh yeah, I think I lost my friend too 🙂 She’s not answering me right now. Well, go to hell. Just because you’re sad, little spoiled girl, doesn’t mean the whole world has to be it. Anyway, I’ll go to bed soon.
Byez <3