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Most Tokio Hotel fans know what happened to Gustav the night to sunday. He got hit by beerbottles, at a club in his hometown, Magdeburg. Those pictures were on bild.de today. I honestly didn’t think it was that bad, so I got quite schocked when I saw the pictures. It’s so awful. This world is going mad. Why the heck is somebody doing that? How can people just hit each other, kill each other, wihout even feeling guilty over it? What’s happened to this bloody world?
I hope Gustav know how much the fans support him, just as we did with Bill. You might be the silent drummer hiding in the back, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t support and love you as much as the frontsinger. (Okay, in my case I love Bill more, but that’s another discussion xD) <333
Everybody who’s got a twitter, we’re going for this:
– as a trending topic. Post it on your twitter. If JB fans can do it, we can too.

Else, I’m missing the old TH boys so much. I just read the Bravo article from today, and I just got sooo sad reading it. All this new this, new that, new style, new sound, is making me soooo.. scared. Do you notice Gustav has black hair too? Now the only one missing is Georg. It’s just…. they’re TOO famous. I’m not used to being into this kind of fame, the bands or artists I’ve been so much fan of before has only been big in Denmark. This is WORLDWIDE, man. It’s hard. It scares the shit out of me, seriously. I miss them. I miss BILL. The ways I actually COULD meet them before, is impossible now, because they got soooooooo big (the USA thing is still pissing me off, sorry >_>). It’s not that they shouldn’t be that famous (it’s their dream, I know), it’s just they have to think about WHO THE FUCK made them. I feel sorry for Germany. And europe. All they can think about is USA USA USA. I’m sick of it. We’re still here, you know?

I still love them though. <333333333333333