Yay, so today started off with me waking up, wanting to watch 90210, but I got disappointed though. They sent Tour de France in stead. Stupid program. Well, I got to sleep again, slept ’till about 12:30, and then I got up, started to pack my stuff and such. After that I turned on my stereo at the higheste level, with Tokio Hotel. Tehe, I love annoying my family with that! I cleaned my room, and switched some old pictures in frames, to some new pictures I took at Werchter boutique, almost a year ago. The old ones was pictures of me and B-Boys together. No thanks.

Anyway, I ate some watermelon, when Chulli wrote to me Tom had blogged and I immediately borrowed my mums laptop to look at it, and the moment I saw the pictures of Bill I got totally "OMG OMG awwww, omg!" and my mum was on the phone so she was like "Would you please shut the fuck up, I’m on the phone!" .. bwaha. So I freaked on twitter in stead. xD Btw, I love Tom today. I think he heard my prayers. He posted BOTH Bill and Samy Deluxe <33333

Later I went to my dads house, where I am now. I got a great surprise, they had put up our pool in the garden! It’s really big! It’s the first time it’s up, ’cause it’s our neighbours, but I sooo adore it, and so does my brothers, Søren & Morten! Here’s a few pictures to end this blog entry with. I’ll see you guys later xx