So, Tom started blogging yesterday, and MAN, I can’t follow up with it! He’s like "blog blog blog" all the time. Today he blogged 3 times already?! Wtf! And if we have to translate into danish too, it’s like, MAN, relax xD! Haha! No, anyway, it’s nice. The first post I didn’t really like though. It felt like it wasn’t him at all, but the newest one is A LOT better! Anyway, I feel like it’s all Tom at the moment. I really miss some Bill. I hope he’ll post some pics or something of Bill soon, ’cause I think I might die else, LOL! But another thing I find really suck ass about the blog, is that the english isn’t translated very well! Really, there’s lots of words missing from German into the English one! It sucks so much, really! Else, I think it’s nice. The photo of him next to the blog frame is also really gorgeous. I must say, Mr. TK, you’re getting cuter. (still a Bill girl though, hehe. and btw, the eminem song he posted today is soooo nice *___*)