I’m just sitting in community class. It’s really boring. I just took a picture of my self and thought that I wanted to do a blog – actually, I did a blog, but blogg.se fucked up and I have to start over new. This day isn’t that good, lol. Really, it sucks. Anyway, for the first time in MONTHS I decided to straighten my hair today, and man, I realized I couldn’t do my bangs as I love it, anymore! It’s too damn long! Besides the fact that I need my hair cut, I also need it dyed black again – as you probably can tell on the picture.

But I went to the skindoctor today (more absence in school though. Sigh), and I got some really great news. I’ve been on pills for my acne in over 6 months, and FINALLY, finally I finished taking them! My skin turned out really pretty, and I’m so glad that I don’t have to fight with it anymore. I’ve been fighting with acne for years, and then my mum told me about these pills she was on once, and she never got acne again, so I started taking them, and damn, they help! You just have to have patience though, because it takes over half a year to finish. Next step for me is to get the scars away from my skin, and I should be fiiine!

Else, I’m going to watch New Moon on Friday with Thomas, at 18:30! Can’t wait to see if it’s as good as Twilight was! But else.. this week is crazy. SO many school classes, and having the flu while going to school. I almost can’t breathe because of my cold.. Not nice.

And oh yeah, I’m so fucking annoyed at the moment. The twins are clicking so fucking much on their computer mouse CONSTANTLY, and it pisses me off. Why couldn’t they just use the mouse on the laptop? It didn’t make all that noise. I’m pissed today XD