Take a look at this video, you guys:

I’ve been sitting, waiting for this video for over 4 hours, 29 secs video, and it’s not even Tom, all the 29 seconds. Wtf is that? Anyway, I think he looks younger with his cap backwards on, lol! And Tom, do never ever wear yellow, it really doesn’t suit you at all. It reminds me of somekind of a bumblebee or banana or something like that. However, it was nice to hear something from them, even though he really seem to be bored and like "omg come on, just finish diiis shizzle so I canz go zum Bett agaaain bitteeee.." wtf? Anyway, I find it really cute that the dog is in the background (even though I’m not a dog lover, I like cats). Anyway, I think it’s cute they actually wanted to announce AGAIN that Tom is actually blogging (today, actually!), with a video, just so we can tell he is alive (well, as if we couldn’t tell, Tom has been quite a lot in the media, right? *coughtroublemakercough*). And also, the single which will be out SOON. It’s so nice of them, tehe. But I like the video, it’s cute.

I miss Bill. But I’m happy for the Tom fans though xD