Soooo, Tuuni tagged me on her blog, with this thingy, and I had to do it, haha 😀 So here’s a few facts, and then I’ll tag 3 other people, who has to do it too. 

3 things I remember, as if it was yesterday:
– Things from when I was little. Like remembering my cousin liking me. He doesn’t remember it, I remember it CLEARLY.
– My Tokio Hotel trips. I remember them very clear.
– aaand of course, yesterday XD

3 things I don’t like:
– Bugs.
– Milk.
– Ignorance.

3 things I like:
– Bill Kaulitz 😉
– Music.
– Sweet people.

3 blogs I visit daily:

Mia Malene

3 songs (edit; cd’s) I listen to lately:
– McFly – Santa Claus is coming to town
– Blood on the dance floor – Miss Bipolar
– Tokio Hotel – Geisterfahrer

3 tv-shows I’m following:

– Desperate Housewives
– Lærkevej
– No more.

3 bloggers I’ll challenge:

Mia Malene