I totally get Tom. I seriously do. Samy Deluxe is an amazing artist. I love his music, and he’s not one of those mega musicians, trying to be super international. He love his country, he love his city, he loves to be a German. I love it.

The song I posted is from his newest album called "Dis wo ich herkomm" which means "this is where I’m from". The song is called "Wir sind keine Kinder mehr" which means "We’re not kids anymore". I totally fell in love with this song, the first time I heard it. I was putting the songs from his CD I bought in Hamburg, on my computer, and it played this song. It’s so cute. I love it. Also, there’s actually some pretty good songs on the CD besides that one. I love Stumm (Xenja) too, and there’s some others I like too. There’s some I don’t like that much, because they change his voice into some robot voice. Totes humanoid, LOL. Anyway, listen to the song and tell me what you guys think!