Yesterday I saw a really great movie, called "What girls learn". Well, if you’re into those kind of romance and cry movies, it was really great. It’s a really emotional one. It’s starring Elizabeth Perkins, Allison Pill, Tamara Hope & Scott Bakula. The movie was made in 2001.

It takes place in 1981, and a mum is struggling to raise her two daughters, Tilden & Elizabeth. They live alone, because their dad left them. What the girls doesn’t know is that their mum has been having a long-distance relationship with a guy named Nick. They’ve been moving around a lot, and they decide to move to Nick’s house on Rhode Island. Tilden is not so happy about him, but Elizabeth doesn’t mind. Nick proposes, but when they’re out trying wedding dresses, the mum feels something at her chest. Cancer. Through the whole movie the mum, Frances, is struggling with the cancer, trying not to tell her daughters how bad shape she is in.

The movie is a really sensitive one of a kind. It’s not one I would’ve choosen out in a video store, but I was bored and it was in my TV, so I decided to watch it. And I was really touched emotionally. You should see it!