I told you all that I was going to show you what I bought myself in Hamburg, YESTERDAY. Well, since I don’t feel really good at the moment (having fever and such), I couldn’t really manage to show you yesterday, so I’m going to show you now in stead of.

Pink leopard hoodie bought in Lucky Lucy – 30 €
Black tutu skirt bought in H&M – 20 €
Samy Deluxe – Dis wo ich herkomm CD bought in Saturn – 16 €
Arthur und die Minimoys DVD bought in Saturn – 10 €

The other 2 things is just sour Jelly beans and Bravo xD (I didn’t get one to Amiee though, I could only find that one. sorry <3) Of course I bought more, but it’s mostly just candy, sodas, and such. Nothing special xD And I ate most of it, LOL! I couldn’t manage to find any skittles though. So I bought Jelly Beans. Well, I didn’t, my mum did xD Also, I bought something for Chulli. It’s hear birthday on tuesday, so I had to get her something. I originally wanted to give her a TH single, but couldn’t find any, so I bought her something else, I hope she’ll like! I didn’t find anything for Cynthia though 🙁

At the moment I’m not really into using that many money, because I used so much time getting them in, and I won’t be able to earn the money I used in, again. All those 85 € I probably spend, I could’ve used on TH. I hate having those thoughts. 🙁 Anyway, that’s what I bought.