Today actually started off pretty good. The weather was amazing today (and it will be better on Saturday! They said in the TV it would be about 20 degrees c here!), and I was supposed to have school from 8.10 until 13.40 and then have driving class at 15, but my classes from 10 and up was canceled, and I got to drive at 11, in stead of 15! So nice!

I have been struggling for the past weeks though, with a throat hurting, sneezing all the time, etc – and now I caught the cold for real, once again. I hate having a cold.. I can never sleep at night, and right now sleep is pretty important, when I have to drive every day. Next week, I’m going to drive on the highway too! Hopefully I will get better and the cold will disappear soon, ’cause red nose, tissues, and sneezing is just horrible..