On day 6, we had to leave Rome, unfortunately. We got up, had breakfast and packed all our stuff, and at 10 we left Rome in a bus to go to Fiumicino Airport, where we had to fly from at 13:30. It took about half an hour in bus from Rome to the airport, and we checked in, had some lunch at McDonalds and then we had to fly.. This plane was a lot better than the plane we were in to Rome! It had screens and it was so much bigger too.

When we arrived in Kastrup Airport it was quite sad.. We’d left Rome where it was sunny and at least 12 degrees c, and when we arrived in Copenhagen, it was about 1 degree c and cloudy.. That was pretty damn depressing! We had an hour until we had to take the train from landing, so I bought some chicken/bacon salad and a Cooler from 7/11 and wow! Never have salad tasted so good! I hadn’t had salad for a week, so you don’t know how much I enjoyed it!

After about an hour in the airport, it was on the 6 hour train home.. Bye bye, Rome. I miss you already!