I told you about my ELF order earlier on, and I tried the Matte finisher today, also using a black polish from Pieces Accessories for the first time; And I’m actually really pleased!

Both nailpolishes are really cheap ones. I never tried on the black one before either, so when I put it on and it covered with only one coat, I thought to myself: “This is one polish I will be buying again in the future”.. It did also dry really fast! Very pleased!

When I then put on the Matte Finisher by ELF, at first it seemed to work on my 3 first nails, but it just wouldn’t work on the 4th one. It worked on all other nails, except just that one. I re-applied everything on it, and then it luckily worked. It gives a beautiful velvety finish.

I have no clue how long it will last though, and how long it takes for it to chip, since I just put it on half an hour ago – but so far, really good nailpolishes which I can definitely recommend!