On Thursday, March 3rd, I travelled to Rome with my classmates, and man, that was a long trip! It pretty much took all night to Friday, and I only got about ½ hours of sleep during those 18 hours we travelled. We were in train for 6 hours, then at the airport at 3 in the night, where we had to wait 6 hours before we could actually check in. It was pretty damn insane.

We arrived in Rome at our hotel about 15 in the afternoon, and it was cloudy and raining; Not exactly the weather we’d expected to have, but the city seemed beautiful anyway. When we’d settled in our rooms, we went for a walk in Rome. First, we went to a restaurant (a bad one, to be honest) and then we went to see the Spanish steps and then the Trevi Fountain – Which was actually one of the things I looked mostly forward to seeing in Rome. We also had gelato (Italian icecream) when we were at the Trevi Fountain, and it tasted DELICIOUS! I got minty chocolate and lemon icecream, and really.. So good! 

First picture; The view while flying to Rome. It looked amazing, as you can tell!
Second picture; Me in front of the beautiful Trevi Fountain