..Hmm, not exactly. I still need to pack a few things – But I’m almost ready! I was off at 11:35 today, and then my lovely grandpa picked me up from school, so I was home at about 11:50, which gave me a lot of hours to pack and clean in, luckily! I showered, fixed my hair (I have to put in the Revlon Nutri Color Creme 600 every week for it to keep the fire red color), vacuum cleaned, and packed.. Besides that, I have theory lessons tonight at 17:30 until 19 too, and I leave at 20:40 with the train to the airport in Copenhagen where we’re going to fly to Rome from. If you want updates during the time I’m not here, you can follow my twitter account. While I’m still in Denmark, I have internet on my phone, so I can still tweet during the night and tomorrow morning!