I now have 3 days off from school – Today, tomorrow and Friday, and it’s all because we have a huge assignment to make. It’s a danish/history assignment, and my topic is about how H.C. Andersens fairytales reflect his own life, and I have to analyze and interpret two of his fairytales; “The Ugly Duckling” and “The Fir Tree”. I’ve already analyzed “The Ugly Duckling”, so now I need to do “The Fir Tree”, discuss why HCA is reflecting his own life in the fairytales, make a conclusion, make an abstract and then make the introduction. It has to fill minimum 8 pages and maximum 10 pages. Phew.

I’m sitting with both of my laptops, one of them to write on, the mini laptop to look at my notes on, and then I have all of the books I need, and of course; some candy to help me keep myself wide awake and to make myself stay in focus.

Also, besides this assignment, I also have a social study assignment and it has to fill maximum 6 pages, which is just insane. The danish/history will be handed in on November 5th and the social study will be handed in on November 8th. It’s a lot of school work to do. Wish me luck, though! I better get back to work!