So, I’m gonna post a review of my whole Tokio Hotel trip to Copenhagen!

We started out camping there for 5 long days. We got to run the numbering system (I was number 2 in line, and there’s still a 2 on my wrist), and I must admit it’s hard work to make everybody satisfied, but I think we did a great job. Thursday people arrived. 5 Swedes, and about 4 Danes came. We slept outside Forum without a tent because we were told it was illegal, but we handled it anyway. It was cold to sleep there every night, and to stay there too, but I survived, even though I was soooo sick too! I won’t tell too much about the line and the camping, since it isn’t the most exciting thing ever. It was just cozy with some nice people, meeting people you know from the internet and never met before. It was so awesome. Also, to meet new fans. That’s always nice! Also, I met Amiee on Sunday, which was yaaay <3

– Anyway – I’ll skip all the cozy camping and go to Monday morning. Many people arrived, and so did their trucks. Fans started screaming when they arrived and took pics of themselves WITH the trucks (wtf??). Security came along with the fans, starting to tell us we had to remove our stuff because they had to put up the fence for a new line. We asked them how they wanted to do it, and they told us they were going to open all 6 (!!!!) doors at ONCE before letting everybody in. We tried to explain to the guy we had a numbering system for the queue but he was like “That’s your problem, not ours”. They didn’t give a FUCK about we’d been there for 5 fucking days. Bastards.

Fence was put up, and we all got in line after the numbering system. Name calling at 10 and again at 15. I went to one of the other girls place to take a shower and fix up. The girls I met were so sweet and friendly, everybody shared everything and wanted to help each other. It was so nice.

When we got back in the line, it was fucking freezing. It snowed a bit. We handed out flyers for the official Danish fanclub and started to get ready to another name calling. People had cheated and jumped over the fence, so people without any number was in front. We had to do it a way so they wouldn’t cheat, so we split people in groups with 50 in each. Just as that’d been done, the security came and told us “We have to cut it open again” and we went; “Wtf are you guys DOING?! This will be CHAOS, if you let 4000 fans inside, open 6 doors at once! And the people who slept here won’t get their first row!” They didn’t listen or respect us.. at all.

(the pic above had to say “queue”, not que, lol!) It said we were let in at 18 on the ticket, but it was actually 19 before we were let in. A security told us that we had to line up at 5 doors, so the people with the lowest numbers would get in first. I was the first one at one of the doors and the fans behind me was so sweet they really wanted me to go in first. Another security told me that all the doors would be opened at once but suddenly.. the door next to me was opened and everybody stormed in. I started crying and ran inside. I don’t get what the fuck they were doing. Fucked up Forum and fucked up security. I just ran inside and the security went “GO BACK THE LINE!” at me and I went “I’ve been her since Wednesday, you idiot!!!” while I was crying. He just pushed me away, and I pushed myself inside the queue so I got up front in a few seconds. The security held us back, even though he already ripped my ticket and I yelled at them that they already fucking ripped my ticket and that they had to let me go. When he saw, he let me go and I ran inside.. I was still crying, being very upset. I looked for somebody I knew, and suddenly Canni yelled at me from the podium. She had a front row spot for us, and God, I don’t know how to thank her for that, because if she didn’t, we probably wouldn’t have gotten a front row after sleeping outside for 5 fucking days. We wanted to have a spot at Toms side, but we got a spot at left side of the podium. We were quite upset about it, ’cause we thought it was a bad spot..

The Dreams, who was the support band started, and I kind of followed them just to see if I was able to see them all when they jumped around all over the stage, and I was, so I kind of figured I probably would too, when Tokio Hotel was on! Otherwise, it was freezing cold when The Dreams were playing, and I was SO SO SO bored. LOL. They finished at about 20:10, and we waited for Tokio Hotel to get on. Sang a little along with WMBW Emmas Park remix and some of the others songs being played in the meantime. Just when the curtain moved on stage, people started screaming, when staff went on to test Toms gibson, they screamed – and also when they lightning guys had to get up in the lights to control it. FINALLY the lights went off and people screamed and screamed and screeeeeeamed, and then TOMS LEFT EGG started with its lights and the “Tokio Hotel – Hu-ma-no-id” came, and the sound of Noise/Komm started. We’d all thought they’d do the setlist in English, but when Bill started to sing GERMAN, I’m sure my heart skipped a beat. I was SO FUCKING HAPPY. GERMAN SETLIST IN DENMARK!!!!!!! (We do learn German & English in school here). Also, the little speaking Bill did between the songs were all in English, so they knew exactly what Denmark wanted! German setlist, English talking. It was so unbelievable.

After 2 songs, Bill started talking and he went “Kopenhaygen”, like you know, it was a mixture of “Copenhagen” which is English, and “Kopenhagen” which is German. It was just so fucking cute. I loved our spot, we could see all the stage perfectly, and Bill was SO close when he came out on the podium. I do not remember which song it was in, but in one of the songs he and I just kept having eye contact and he sang directly towards me, for about 10-15 secs. I swear, I thought I was in heaven. Everything around me just fucking disappeared, and all I saw was Bill and his brown eyes. He was so happy and all smily all the time, jumping around on stage, and also, he mentioned 3 TIMES that he wanted to come back to Denmark! 3 FUCKING TIMES. Make that a promise, Bill!

I won’t get into too many details, but when Bill sat down on the stairs and started to sing “in your shadow”, I couldn’t hold back my tears. He told us to think about one important person in life when he sang it, and went “‘kay?” in the end, when asking if we could do that.. Right when he sat down I burst into tears. It was so beautiful, and he was sitting almost in front of me.. In fucking Denmark. In my own fucking country. It was so unrealistic. Also, the other guys were so cute. Tom jumping around singing all the tiiime.. Georg was a bit not so jumpy, but still HOOOOT. and Gustav in the end, was just PRECIOUS. He’s so cute and funny. Everything was just.. perfect and crazy and unrealistic. Also, Bill said “Here’s monsoon!” and then they started to play Durch den Monsun, hehehe. Woups Bill. Tom on the piano was just amazingly beautiful and with Bills voice and all the smoke at zoom, and the acoustic set was just precious too. I can’t tell you guys how much I loved that show. I still think it needed some of the old songs, like ich bin nicht ich (hehe) and schrei, but well, they can’t play all songs, unfortunately. Also, I just figured I was showed on the big screen several times in the show too! Aweeeesome!

After the show I went to Lindas car and packed my stuff in it, as I had to drive to her place and sleep there. Lots of fans had lined up waiting at the boys tourbusses at the back of the venue, and so did we, and I’m so glad we did, because all the luggage started coming out from the venue and SUDDENLY at about 00:20 (OVER MIDNIGHT, WHICH MEANS IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!) fans yelled “THEY’RE COMING FROM THE BACK!” and Bill showed up, all tucked in in lots of clothes. He was looking extremely cute but he was too fast for me to get a picture. Right after Tom came and I got a PICTURE of it, and he was having his dog with him, which you can clearly see on my picture too! I was so happy after they’d gone into the bus, because I’d just gotten the best birthday gift ever.. I saw them on my birthday.

So, that’s quite a long review, isn’t it? I could tell you so much more, but in stead I just want to show you all of my pictures. Just click them to make them bigger. I can’t wait ’till in 3 weeks. 4 more concerts, more Tokio Hotel, more friends, more Bill <3333



You can btw also watch my medley video from the concert in the blogpost below this one!