I love this nailpolish. Bought it today in Matas for 30 DKK (4€), if anybody would like to know – if you don’t have a Matas, I’m sure you should be able to find it in some other store in your country!

Else, today have been relaxing, just chilling with my stepmom and littlebrother – visiting some family too.

Tomorrow I’m going shopping with my neighbor and stepmom, so the days won’t be so boring, fortunately! Next week I’ll go to Århus, also I need to re-do my room at moms. I’m taking down my posters. Big step, I know, but it looks so messy with them filled on all the walls. I will put some of them in frames in stead, and keep the messy poster look at my room at dads place, so I will have a room with 2 different looks.

Anyway, just wanted to keep you updated in stead of just posting pictures or videos or so. Going to watch Law&Order soon, both London and USA versions of it. Starts at 22:55, which means in about 20 minutes!

Have a nice evening, dear readers <3