I thought about making this thing where I tell you guys who I follow on twitter and why, because as most of you know; I’m a twitter whore. I LOVE TWITTER. Of course I follow all my friends, and it probably wouldn’t be exciting to tell about the 72 people I’m following, so I’ll just tell you who I’m following in the celebrity world! You can of course go check all the people I follow on my profile, HERE. Just click on the artists name below, and it’ll go straight to their twitter.

Tokio Hotel
This one explain itself. Tokio Hotel’s twitter. It’s actually quite boring. It’s connected to their facebook, and they barely never tweet, but hey; It’s their twitter! Haha!

Matthew Lush
Matthew is also known as “Gay God”. Most people got to know him from youtube, or through myspace. He’s pretty cute, and I love how he responds and connect to his fans through twitter. I also know he’s got a formspring.

Dahvie Vanity
Dahvie Vanity is the frontsinger from the band “Blood On The Dance Floor”. I adore the band, and he’s good at posting news about them too, and what they’re doing. For example; They’re making a new album now, and Dahvie is pretty good at giving out news about it.

David (Dave) Williams
Perverted former guitarist from the band “Son of Dork”. The band split (buhu) because of Dave hacking the bands MySpace. He’s such a teaser. I love his looks, and I love his sense of humor. He’s adorable.

British band, mostly known for doing the title song “So little time” for the TV-show with MKA Olsen “So little time”. They’re a very sweet band, also good at taking time replying and answering their fans. (And using sweet words and hearts for them, haha XD)

Mason Musso
Mason Musso is guitarist and singer in the band “Metro Station”. He doesn’t really tweet that much though. A shame.

Hayley Williams
Front singer from the famous band “Paramore”. She’s a very active tweeter, and her tweets can actually be pretty good and exciting. It’s not only about the band, but also her private life.

Metro Station
Yeah, the name says it all. The band Metro Station.

Trace Cyrus
Trace Cyrus is guitarist and singer in the band Metro Station, and he’s also Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana’s half brother. There’s been much drama around Trace’s twitter and him being very open in it (for example could people figure out he had something going on with Demi Lovato through twitter).

Samy Deluxe
German rapper, also one of Tom Kaulitz’ favourite artists. Almost only tweeting news.

Hanna Beth
Model and one of my style icons. I love how she oftenly tweet pictures of herself and where she goes, and personal tweets. Also, she tweets about founds of clothes, shoes, cute hats, accesories, whatsoever.

Pete Wentz
Fall Out Boy bassist and is married with Ashlee Simpson. He sometimes tweet the most weird and fun stuff. He once cracked me up tweeting randomly about farting!

Danny Noriega
Contestant on American Idol in one of the former years (2008, I think?) Way too cute, and way too good at tweeting random tweets.

Audrey Kitching
Model and also one of my style icons. Tweeting randomly about what she’s doing, and also tweeting about fashion and her own personal thoughts.

Lady Gaga
No need to explain here. This woman is simply amazing.

So, that’s a list of some of the people I follow on my twitter! Are you following any of these, or do you have any suggestions for me about who else I should follow?