Today was the day I went to the hairdresser! I hadn’t seen one since JUNE and I seriously needed to get my hair cut, and woah.. It is so amazing now. I got my lovely haircut back. I missed you haircut! *hugs tightly* Haha! Seriously, my hair was getting SO long and annoying, so now it’s just perfect. I took 57 pictures of myself today, but I’ll just post 3 for now. Maybe I’ll post some more some other days.

Actually – speaking of pictures, I’m going to do a photoshoot in week 7 with one of my friends. She’s really good at taking pictures, and I can’t wait to model for her. I’m sure the pictures will be awesome, and I will of course post them in here whenever I get hold of them!

Else.. I don’t know if you noticed, but I edited my header! It’s the same style as the one before, but I chose some other pictures, edited the colours in them, chose another font and colours for the “Jeanette Jewel” and wrote “It’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world” which is one of the songs from Blood On The Dance Floor. I love that quote – and it fits perfect with the “jewel” thing, doesn’t it? Also, I edited the little picture of me in the sidebar.

At times I’m really in blogging mood, and the next couple of days I’ll probably be active with some videos, pictures and such from today. I have so many, haha! 😀 And as you can see, I’m at the moment really into finding new bands and sharing the ones I find, so I’ll probably do that too. I need to do another “todays question” too, later this week. Anyway, I just wanted to share new and GOOD pics of me.